Some more updates to libsmbclient

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Jan 12 21:51:26 GMT 2001

At 03:16 PM 1/12/01 +0100, Jelmer Feenstra wrote:
>On Friday 12 January 2001 04:21, you wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have just applied some more patches to libsmbclient.
>I tried the updated code hoping the NT5 problems might have been fixed. 
>However, the (modified) testsmbc code segfaults when trying to list a share 
>on an NT5 system. Listing shares and directories both won't work with the 
>library when the system connected to is NT5 (WIN2K).

OK, I have found a bug with browsing NT5 (Win2K) shares. When trying to
browse the shares, NT5 (Win2K) does not allow an anonymous login or
something like that and returns Permission Denied. However, my code does
not clean up properly after this ...

>Need password for //win2ksystem/test
>Enter workgroup: [WORKGROUP]
>Enter username: [spark] guest
>Enter password: []
>Finfo->name=., mask=\*
>Finfo->name=.., mask=\*
>(no debugging symbols found)...
>Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>0x4004852b in unistr_to_dos ()
>   from /home/spark/cvs/samba/source/bin/
>(gdb) quit
>Thanks in advance,
>Jelmer Feenstra

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