Some more updates to libsmbclient

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Jan 12 03:21:38 GMT 2001


I have just applied some more patches to libsmbclient.

These are:

  1. Changes to the interface (I am sorry) to:
    - add an smbc_readdir call (not tested)
    - change the auth_fn to provide the buffers for workgroup, username and
      password from the library and provide the current suggested values
      so the client can display them or use them to retrieve cached
      info and avoid asking the user for this info ...

  2. Many fixes to bugs in the old and new code

  3. More code in tree.c that puts up two panes, one for the tree of objects
     that can be seen/retrieved, as well as a list window that can show
     file info if you click on a node in the tree.

     This last program still has many bugs and defficiencies, but it 
     suffices to allow me to test things quickly.

I have the following outstanding fixes to apply at some stage:

  1. Cache NetBIOS name lookups for a period of time to avoid excessive
     delays in browsing directory entries

  2. Handle systems with multiple interfaces 

  3. Have a directory and file cache

  4. Allow multple shares to use the one TCP connection to server

  5. etc

One of the big problem I still have is that fact that the current libsmb
cli_ routines on files and enumeration of servers etc are all callback
based and return all the information (in a directory, for example) all in
one go.

This forces me to build a list of all the available info all in
smbc_opendir call. I would rather get the info needed as the user makes
calls to smbc_readdir and smbc_getdents ... Although that presents some
problems as well.

What do people think?

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