Forms, print queues and tdb

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-> As a test, I faked the print_queue_status() such that it 
-> just returned 
-> immediately as if there was an empty queue. And the load average went
-> down
-> from about 50 to around 2!
-> It's a big resource drain!
Have you actually gone into print_queue_status() and examined the code, then
blocked out just certain areas, or perhaps, add some special time stamping
code, to determine just where in the print_queue_status() function the cpu
drain occurs?  Certainly it's to be expected that w/o cpu cylces processing
the print_queue_status() function, that the load average will go down, but
you must be able to identify whether the load difference is really a
problem.  Afterall, the load average, is only a calculation of the
percentage of time the idle process gets called, so if the priority is high
enough, certainly it may not be called very often, since the cpu is actually
active.  Processing print queues can certainly take up a lot of cpu time, if
idle processes aren't handled efficiently, but this doesn't necessarily mean
that the other processes will run slower.

Of course, I am sure you realize this already, so that goes back to the
question... Have you tried to identify what part of the function is the
cause of the cpu load difference?

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