I think MS just did us (and themselves) a disservice.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Thu Jan 11 17:42:01 GMT 2001

On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 05:46:35PM +0100, Martin Kuhne wrote:
> Sorry for being so brief. Yes, NT/w2k does multiplex multiple users over
> a virtual circuit. (Actually, several Unix vendors selling samba have
> recently asked Microsoft to have this changed, citing performance,
> reliability and security problems with samba)

Hurrah ! This would be a very good think (IMHO). Thanks
for the info Martin. Anything the Samba Team can do to
help this along please let us know.

I know that Terminal Server has a registry change to allow
multiple TCP connections from the rdr, maybe this fix could
be added to a future W2K service pack ?


		Jeremy Allison,
		Samba Team.

> Hmmm, I assume that you are suggesting that one could send separate
> SesssionSetup&X requests to the server, and one would get back separate
> UIDs, which could be sent in separate requests to the server, thus
> allowing
> it to multiplex different security contexts on one TCP session?
> Do any servers allow this? 

Yes - Samba and WinNT/W2K both allow this. Look in the
register_vuid code in Samba to see it in action.

> You have me intrigued now, and I have the tools to try this out.

smbtorture tests this.


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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