I think MS just did us (and themselves) a disservice.

Martin Kuhne mkuhne at microsoft.com
Thu Jan 11 16:46:35 GMT 2001

Sorry for being so brief. Yes, NT/w2k does multiplex multiple users over
a virtual circuit. (Actually, several Unix vendors selling samba have
recently asked Microsoft to have this changed, citing performance,
reliability and security problems with samba)

Martin Kuhne
Escalation Engineer, Critical Problem Resolution (CPR)
Microsoft GmbH

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Hi Martin,

At 02:22 AM 1/11/01 -0800, Martin Kuhne wrote:
>Sorry, you are wrong.
>cf. CIFS spec section "2.8  Security Model"

Hmmm, pretty blunt ... :-)

OK, I found a version that had Security Model in 2.7. Here it is:

]2.7 Security Model

Hmmm, I assume that you are suggesting that one could send separate
SesssionSetup&X requests to the server, and one would get back separate
UIDs, which could be sent in separate requests to the server, thus
it to multiplex different security contexts on one TCP session?

Do any servers allow this? 

You have me intrigued now, and I have the tools to try this out.

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