"netbios-dgm 138/udp" ?

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See RFC 1001, RFC 1002 for definitions of these ports.
Microsoft uses the NetBIOS Datagram service for several functions.  One is
Workgroup Browsing.  If you want to support network browsing on the amiga,
then the amiga smb code should support the datagram service.  This service
also carries other datagram type traffic via netbios, such as the microsoft
chat/messaging services.  Broadcast message from microsoft windows are
carried accross the network using datagrams.  If you want to be able to send
messages to other netbios nodes (unique or group), or receive these
messages, in full compliance with the way microsoft handles this, then you
should also implement this service.
Essentially, it's documented usage comes down to, the equivelant of what udp
is to ip.  NetBIOS datagrams are unreliable delivery, of short (though can
be fragmented) messages, to be handled by application services on netbios
participating nodes.  These applications can be anything from chat
utilities, to banker/teller interface systems, to IBM/Microsoft's
I have tried to recall the Knowledge Base articles that deal with datagrams
in microsofts real, but I have had very little luck.  I have found
references that explain to enable udp port 138 on routers, for cross-wan
browsing, as udp/138 is used for network browsing.  On such article is
Q266204,  you might also try
sp>  for a white paper on the microsoft network browser.

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What is the documented usage of this port ? 

Should we add this entry or not ? 
Why/Why not ? 

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