"netbios-dgm 138/udp" ?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Wed Jan 10 18:03:59 GMT 2001

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> See RFC 1001, RFC 1002 for definitions of these ports.
> Microsoft uses the NetBIOS Datagram service for several functions.  One is
> Workgroup Browsing.  If you want to support network browsing on the amiga,
> then the amiga smb code should support the datagram service.  

Good post, BTW.

The datagram service is supported in nmbd.  We follow Microsoft's lead and
do not implement a fully RFC-compliant NBDD.  The problem is the NBNS
(WINS) implementation of group names.  The RFCs specify that the NBNS
should list IPs of all nodes that register a given group name.  Intead,
Microsoft registers only  This limits group multicasts to
a single IP subnet.  (There is an exception:  WINS will keep up to 25 IP
entries for <ntdomain>#1C names, which identify Domain Controllers.)

Anyway, the NBDD is supposed to distribute datagram multicasts to all
members of a group--even across router boundaries.  This, of course,
cannot happen if the NBNS doesn't have a complete list of IPs.  Thus,
though Microsoft impliments local datagram transport, they do not actually
implement the NBDD (the distribution server).  Samba mimics Microsoft

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