Turkish support for Samba -- how to contribute?

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at arayan.com
Sun Jan 7 20:02:38 GMT 2001


My apologies in advance if this is not the correct forum for this: I have
added the codepages for Turkish support to samba. I'd like to submit it to
the Samba group for inclusion in samba.

Where do I send the stuff into?

Here is a brief explanation of what I have currently:

CPISO8559-9.TXT for compiling unicode_map.ISO-8859-9
CP857.TXT for compiling unicode_map.857
codepage_def.857 for compiling codepage.857
patch file for charcnv.c to support client code page 857 and character set
ISO8559-9. (based on 2.0.7 samba)

All of the above can be found on http://www.arayan.com/da/linux.html . I
would really appreciate it if someone could guide me on what to do next.

Best regards,
Deniz Akkus

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