printer drivers on Win2k

Greg Dickie greg at
Fri Jan 5 16:05:45 GMT 2001

I'll send you the log but I don't see anything in it. I also noticed that I
cannot see printer properties on 2000, it just gives me an error message
(something like RPC did not complete)....

Sorry to be a pain but it's really close, the Win2K thing is the only thing
stopping me....


On 05-Jan-01 Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Greg Dickie wrote:
>>   So now I've got my samba printserver up and running (extremely cool
>> BTW) if I try and add the printer on a Win2k machine it bitches that there
>> is no appropriate driver on the server. It works fine on NT4 and 98. Is
>> there a separate 2k driver I need to install?
> depend on the printer (what printer is it ?). W2K should be able to use
> the NT4 driver if it doesn't find a W2K native driver. Can you bump your
> samba log and send it to me in private ?
> Btw, I take the opportunity to thank in public Greg and the company he
> works for the SGI box he sent me. Samba's spoolss pipe support now works
> on both little and big endian. Thanks again Greg.
>       J.F.

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