samedit and Win2k mixed mode DC

Maulik Desai mdesai at
Thu Jan 4 16:57:45 GMT 2001

Hi Gerald,

I've tried using samedit built from samba-appliance-0.5 release; I only
tried the 'createuser' command for creating machine account (for winbind). 
I Found a few problems, but basically got to the point where although 
createuser would return "create domain user: failed" it actually created
a machine account on the win2k pdc. The machine account showed up as
on win2k, and I had to enable it from win2k itself.

I mentioned this to Tim Potter, and he recommended I use the latest code
from TNG. I haven't done it yet, so don't know if this problem still exists.
Hopefully I should be able to get to this in the next week.

Btw, my setup consisted of a RH6.0 linux box, NT4.0 wks and a win2k pdc


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> > Folks,
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> > Has anyone tried using samedit from APPLIANCE_TNG to join
> > a domain controlled by a Win2k mixed mode DC?
> So does a lack of response mean that no one has tried it?
> cheers, jerry
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