What's prefered; pam_smb, or winbind?

Welsh, Armand armand.welsh at sscims.com
Thu Jan 4 16:34:41 GMT 2001

Which one do you prefer, pam_smb, or winbind, and why?  I just, finally,
discovered pam_smb (and pam_ntdom, etc) and now I am wondering which I
should implement.  To effectively decide on this, I need to know what the
major differnces are.  SInce I have not been able to find any FAQ on
winbind, I am looking for user responses to make the decision.  This is not
really a technical question, beyond that fact that I wan't to know
"technical" reasons for the use of each... Thanks in advance...

Armand Welsh - Information Security Administrator
State Street IMS West
T: 949/720-6918 C: 949/500-4611
armand.welsh at sscims.com

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