ERROR: Out of policy handles

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You know, since this is a moving target (think about the clearcase example
PLUS terminal server)  perhaps it would be better to make this a
CONFIGURABLE parameter for smb.conf; since the bmap and handles are
dynamically allocated, couldn't we do this?  That way, if you add some more
clients, and you start getting these messages, you don't have to recompile
the product.  Since we ship this with all our 11.0 os'es, we have a lot of
folks for which this would not be trivial; Samba is being used more and more
in a 'plug and play' mode, by admins rather than programmers, etc...
What do you think?  I'd be glad to take a stab at it.

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"MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1)" wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> Thanks for the info.  HP's version of Samba is based on 
> the 2.0.6 version of the code, so we DON'T use it as 
> PDC.  The majority of our customers seem to use it 
> in domain security mode, passing authentication to the 
> NT PDC.  On HP-UX 11.0, we ship Samba (we call it 
> CIFS/9000 SERVER) with the OS & Apps cd's, so all our 
> 11.0 customers have free access to it.  (We also ship a
> CIFS/9000 CLIENT free, which gives you similar 
> capabilities to smbmount/smbumount).  But because 
> of supportability issues we ask our customers NOT to 
> make changes and recompile.  I'm going to discuss with the
> lab that we increase this limit to 256 in the base code 
> tree, and start shipping it out that way.  I need to look 
> at what kind of additional memory per smbd that 
> requires, but I agree that with the number 
> of people running into this, and the W2K Terminal 
> Services growing in popularity, this limit is too low.
> Perhaps you might do the same thing in the 2.2 source tree?

The memory requirments are minimal as far as the bitmap goes
(1 byte for every 32 available handles).  Policy handles 
are also small (20 bytes if IIRC).

You should probably see JF's comments.  256 is probably 
way to small as well.  we need a reproducible test case 
to work out a good number.

Cheers, jerry
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