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> yes it is, in fact, if you do this on NT, it will warn that ms-dos clients
> won't be able to access the server.  The use of a space, or more than 8
> (maybe 11) characters, can render names unusuable in dos, and WFW, so if you
> want to be compliant with out of date opperating systems, that just can't
> handle the newer, longer names, then you want to block these conditions,
> otherwise, every other OS should be able to handle this case just fine.

I will believe the bit about the space within the name, but NetBIOS names 
have always been 16 bytes.  This goes back to the original IBM/Sytec 
cards that stored the names in on-board RAM.  Filenames could not be more 
than 8.3 (= 11).

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