One more plea... if you care at all about the Microsoft Anti-Trust case.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Sun Dec 30 22:49:01 GMT 2001

I'm working on my own letter to the DoJ.  Here are some links I'd recommend
so you can decide for yourself if it is worth your time to comment:

  "So much for SAMBA and other Open Source projects that use Microsoft
   calls. The settlement gives Microsoft the right to effectively kill
   these products."

  "The only hope we have is for a truly enormous grassroots outpouring of
   polite, well reasoned comments that explain why the proposed
   settlement is not in the public interest."

I particularly recommend the second one; the article in LinuxPlanet.  It
provides good information on how to write and send your comments.  There
is a follow-up article at:

It should be obvious where I stand on all of this, but I am encouraging
people to write, not to hold one or another point of view.  The DoJ needs
to know that we are out here and that we are paying attention.


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