CVS update: samba/source

Martin Pool mbp at
Sun Dec 9 19:38:12 GMT 2001

On  7 Dec 2001, Jeremy Allison <jra at> wrote:

> > The last time I remembered this discussed JF (or was it lkcl?)
> > complained that they couldn't make proto on every build because their
> > machine at the time was a P90 or 486.  (-:

It would even be possible to add a --disable-dependencies option that
turned this off if you want to support developers on really slow

There are two different dependencies here:

 - When a .c file is changed, proto.h should be rebuilt.  Users who
   want to download and build Samba without modifying the source won't
   need awk because the header will never be rebuilt.  The mtime of
   proto.h should not change unless there were actual differences in
   the headers.

 - When a .h file is changed, all .c files that depend upon it should
   be rebuilt.  (For Samba at the moment this means everything.)

I would argue that it is better to have the build process be slower
sometimes than to have the tree break because somebody forgot to do
"make clean" in their pre-checkin build.  "uncompiled code is broken
code, etc".


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