LDAP in Samba 2.2.2

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Fri Dec 7 00:49:03 GMT 2001

ulairi at ulairi.csun.edu wrote:
> OpenLDAP 2.0.15 + Samba 2.2.2LDAP
> OpenLDAP's inetorgperson.schema has a conflicting attribute with samba.schema
> (displayName).
> The syntax differs (inetorg uses SYNTAX, SAMBA
> uses{255}).
> For now, I'll try inetorg, see if slapd or smbd log any errors.
> Any feedback on which one is preferable would be greately appreciated.

If the inetorgperson.schema is used, the displayName in samba should be
Runs fine with the 2.2.2.


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