features in samba 3.alpha

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Sun Dec 2 12:37:06 GMT 2001

Ariel Mella wrote:
> Andrew and all the samba crew:
> > You seem to suggest that there is somthing that 3.0 can't do that 2.2
> > can.  If this is so, please check and give us a detailed report on the
> > matter.
> ok. i try to give detailed errors.
> version: samba 3alpha CVS version up to date.
> clients Win9x/Me.
> Log :     log file = /var/log/samba/%m.%U.log and syslog = yes
> debug level = 10
> user: ariel
> machine name: ariel
> first thing that 2_2 do and 3 dont:
> i logonto my workstation (Win9x) and then i go to my favorite shared folder
> and click on to it to "Add" users or groups to acces that local Win9x share.
> Give me the "Problems in the network impide see the list of users bla bla
> bla" IMPORTANT: im not talking about the 100+ bug users.. im talking about
> 2_2 permit see users from a Win9x workstation and 3alpha doesn´t
> attached is the logfile

I suspect this is becouse JF is only half-done with the group mapping
code.  Also, the group mapping means that you do need to conduct some
basic setup.


> second thing that 2_2 do and 3 dont:
> as we use Win9x for the workstations i want to use the Nexxus kit to
> administer my domain. The same tool worked for me in Samba2_2 and whats mean
> worked: i opened UsrMgr.exe and list the users but only 2 groups "domain
> admin" and "domain users" instead of that samba 3alpha directly give an
> error when i open UsrMgr.exe....
> attached is the log file.

Similarly, but I'll leave it for JF to comment, its not particularly my

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