features in samba 3.alpha

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Sat Dec 1 20:30:06 GMT 2001

Nombre wrote:
> J.F:
> > you will be able to set this parameters with user manager next week.
> >
> > and we can add a net command too ?
> >
> >       J.F.
> but. my problem is that currently i cannot use UsrMgr with samba3 CVs..
> gime an error... in the back samba 2_2 cs open UserMgr but cannot change
> parameters.. instead samba 3 doesnt list the users.
> and with win9x clients retrieving the list of users give an error too..
> my problem?? or reporeted to be as is?
> pls check it because i only need to list my users (remember the 100+ bug)
> if samba3 cant do that at the moment i swich back to my samba 2.2..

Firstly, 3.0 is an alpha.  That doesn't mean 'it might be broken' but
more along the lines of 'it is broken, but if you could tell us how, we
would appriciate it'.

As to the Win9X Nexus tools, they were always 'interesting' to support,
the real effort goes into the NT varient.  Furthermore, the Win9X 100+
users bug is a Win9X *client* bug, but we are yet to figure out what
Win2k (and WinNT) do to work around it.

If you can give exact details, reproducable senerios and detailed logs
of *new* (or at least unknown) bugs, this would be very much
appriciated.  But if you are running anywhere near production, just
stick to the known, verified releases.

You seem to suggest that there is somthing that 3.0 can't do that 2.2
can.  If this is so, please check and give us a detailed report on the

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