features in samba 3.alpha

Ariel Mella samba at nebula-sa.com.ar
Sun Dec 2 14:19:01 GMT 2001

Samba crew:
>> im talking about
> > 2_2 permit see users from a Win9x workstation and 3alpha doesn´t
> > attached is the logfile
> I suspect this is becouse JF is only half-done with the group mapping
> code.  Also, the group mapping means that you do need to conduct some
> basic setup.
pls guide me.. the group mapping now means that i need to create some sort
of smbpasswd but smbgroupdatabase??

J.F.: i need to confirm that is a problem that need to be solved in samba
and not that in samba3a this need another type of setup rather than my old
smbpasswd file from 2_2

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