Integrate i18n SWAT

Deniz Akkus Kanca deniz at
Mon Aug 13 11:58:01 GMT 2001


Where should I point to for getting a buildable version of Swat i18n?  I
need to check the Turkish translation against it.

BTW, I am working on the Turkish translation and due to different word
order/sentence structure, I am having a few difficulties with non-complete
sentences in the .po

For example: web/swat.c 911
"are autoloaded printers from"

It is virtually impossible to provide a Turkish sounding translation for
this phrase. It will look out of place no matter what when used as part of a
complete sentence (word order is different, subject is often implied
etc....). What is needed is a complete sentence so word order can be changed
around as necessitated by the language.

 Best regards,

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