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Sat Aug 11 16:31:21 GMT 2001

Tim Potter wrote:

>> - SWAT output message in proper language
>>   My suggestion is that Samba has internal message catalogue system
>>   for this purpose because this system has essentially nothing to do
>>   with OS-local message catalogue system. Developing Samba Japanese
>>   Edition, first we try to use various OS-local message catalogue
>>   system, but it is hard to do and finally we decided to support only
>>   GNU gettext() archiving into Samba Japanese Edition.
>> - command output message in proper language
>>   What we need to do is using a message catalogue system such as GNU
>>     gettext().
>>     The language information from LANG/LC_ALL determine which language
>>     to display.
>>   We had better use OS-local message catalogue system for this.
>Why do you recommend gettext() for swat but not for the command
>output of Samba client programs?  

No, no! "Using gettext() or not" is not the essential matter.

I recommend that
  1. Samba internal message catalogue system for SWAT
     Indeed GNU gettext() is used in Samba Japanese Edition, but is
     not the essential matter. We can use another product regardless
     of what message catalugue system is used in a platform.

  2. a message catalogue system used on the platform for commands
     Unlike SWAT, the language of Samba command output should be
     essentially same as that of platform command output.

     For example we should be able to change the output language of
     "ls" command, "smbclient" and other commands of manually
     installed products at a time.

  Now I think gettext() is supported on lots of platforms, so it is
  reasonable to use gettext(), but in my experience 
  - there are differences between gettext() in Solaris/SunOS and GNU
  - HP-UX 11i, Tru64 UNIX 5.0 does not support gettext(). it supports
    catgets() instead.
  So the available choice is that the command output of Samba suites

  1. always using internal message catalugue system (probably GNU
    gettext()) regardless of local message catalogue system.

  2. using GNU gettext() if installed or available.
    if not, command output language is always English (or specific
    default language).

  3. using local message catalogue system if available.
    if not, command output language is always English (or specific
    default language).

  4. first try to use local message catalogue system.
     if not available, then using internal messsage catalugue system.

>> - manual page in proper language
>>   nothing is needed. "man" command is already i18n'ed.
>Is this true for all platforms Samba supports?  We may need to
>create a smb.conf.<lang> hack for non-i18n'ed man programs.

I do not know if this is actually true. But at least for MOST of
platforms it is true. 

I think that it is not worthfull that only Samba has adapted for
l10n'ed manual pages with its unique way.

So I think

  1. assume the manual page system is i18n'ed 
    if not, command output language is always English

is reasonable.

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