International Samba (fwd)

Tim Potter tpot at
Sat Aug 11 06:05:03 GMT 2001

TAKAHASHI Motonobu writes:

> - SWAT output message in proper language

>   My suggestion is that Samba has internal message catalogue system
>   for this purpose because this system has essentially nothing to do
>   with OS-local message catalogue system. Developing Samba Japanese
>   Edition, first we try to use various OS-local message catalogue
>   system, but it is hard to do and finally we decided to support only
>   GNU gettext() archiving into Samba Japanese Edition.

> - command output message in proper language
>   What we need to do is using a message catalogue system such as GNU
>     gettext().
>     The language information from LANG/LC_ALL determine which language
>     to display.
>   We had better use OS-local message catalogue system for this.

Why do you recommend gettext() for swat but not for the command
output of Samba client programs?  

> - manual page in proper language
>   nothing is needed. "man" command is already i18n'ed.

Is this true for all platforms Samba supports?  We may need to
create a smb.conf.<lang> hack for non-i18n'ed man programs.

> o How to archive
>   All language files into one archive is not practical because of its
>   size and because we probably can not translate all documents when a
>   version of Samba is released.
>   My suggestion is divide the archive:
>     samba-x.x.x.tar.gz (Samba base archive and message catalogue and
>     English documents)
> (Japanese documents)
> (Polish documents)

Sounds OK to me - does anyone have any major objections to doing
this?  We would probably have to make a separate cvs module for
the different document translations but that's OK.


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