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Sat Aug 11 13:46:57 GMT 2001

On Sat, 11 Aug 2001, TAKAHASHI Motonobu wrote:

> Hello
> Standing on the discussion, this is my proposal:
> o How to display
> - HTML files via SWAT in proper language
>   What we need to do is adding Accept-Language feature into SWAT

I assume the whole SWAT is concerned as translated to native

>   Samba Japanese Edition uses this system and works well.
> - SWAT output message in proper language
>   What we need to do is:
>   1. adding Accept-Language feature into SWAT and
>   2. adding a message catalogue feature such as GNU gettext().
>     The language information from Accept-Language determine which
>     language to display.
>   My suggestion is that Samba has internal message catalogue system
>   for this purpose because this system has essentially nothing to do
>   with OS-local message catalogue system. Developing Samba Japanese
>   Edition, first we try to use various OS-local message catalogue
>   system, but it is hard to do and finally we decided to support only
>   GNU gettext() archiving into Samba Japanese Edition.
>   Samba Japanese Edition uses this system and works well.

I've downloaded the Japanese edition of Samba and I'm going
to make a closer look ...

> - command output message in proper language
>   What we need to do is using a message catalogue system such as GNU
>     gettext().
>     The language information from LANG/LC_ALL determine which language
>     to display.

It's close to what I was thinking about.

>   We had better use OS-local message catalogue system for this.
> - manual page in proper language
>   nothing is needed. "man" command is already i18n'ed.

As far, of course, as all samba supported systems have
i18n'ed version of man.

> Of course if there is no document of the specific language version,
> that of the default language version is displayed.

That's clear.

> o How to store in CVS tree
>   1) to divide the CVS tree per language
>      we can give CVS commit right per language
>   2) we only determine the final output format (may be
>     html/man/txt/SWAT only?) and directory structure because there is
>     no tools adapted for all languages.
> o How to archive
>   All language files into one archive is not practical because of its
>   size and because we probably can not translate all documents when a
>   version of Samba is released.

If it's about size, I guess we can afford for [ng]roff man
pages in various language in single samba-x.x.x.tar.gz
package because gziped man pages are about three times
smaller that left untouched. So, even six language
versions won't enlarge tarball dramatically.
What about DocBook sources ? Native versions could be in
native packages ( Ordinary users
don't usually need DocBook sources, eitherway. The most
often used are [ng]roff man pages... well, maybe also their
html equivalents.

>   My suggestion is divide the archive:
>     samba-x.x.x.tar.gz (Samba base archive and message catalogue and
>     English documents)
> (Japanese documents)
> (Polish documents)
>     ...
>   We can select which language to download.
>   After we untar+gz'ed, the tree becomes
>   samba-x.x.x
>     |
>     +- docs -+-- en -- htmldocs
>              |         manpages
>              |         ...
>              |         swat
>              |
>              +-- ja -- htmldocs
>              |         manpages
>              |         ...
>              |         swat
>              |
>              +-- pl -- htmldocs
>              |         manpages
>              |         ...
>              |         swat
>              .
> o How to install
>   I think
>   > we introduce
>   > two configure-time parameters. For example:
>   >
>   >   "--docs-lang" for specifying what docs' languages do we
>   >                 want to install
>   >   "--default-docs-lang" for specyifying which language will
>   >                 be default one
>   is basically a good idea or make the following
>   for lang in $langs
>   if [ -d docs/lang ]; then
>     install lang
>   fi

I'm currently working on this. Should I wait a while, yet ?
Can you explain the difference between these two, Monyo ?
Now, from my point of view, the latter is logical
consequence of the former. First you choose what languages
are you going to use (the former) and then, the script puts
what you've chosen into something like bash list and
installs it in the loop (like you show in the latter case).

>   Samba Japanese Edition uses the latter in source/scrips/*.

That's probably the difference. I've intended to put it into
./configure script instead.

what do you think of this ?

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