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Sat Aug 11 17:05:25 GMT 2001

Rafal Szczesniak wrote:

>> - HTML files via SWAT in proper language
>>   What we need to do is adding Accept-Language feature into SWAT
>I assume the whole SWAT is concerned as translated to native

Please look at the following page:-)

>> - SWAT output message in proper language
>I've downloaded the Japanese edition of Samba and I'm going
>to make a closer look ...

Thank you. Please look at

Sorry not all pages are translated into English.

>> o How to archive
>>   All language files into one archive is not practical because of its
>>   size and because we probably can not translate all documents when a
>>   version of Samba is released.
>If it's about size, I guess we can afford for [ng]roff man
>pages in various language in single samba-x.x.x.tar.gz
>package because gziped man pages are about three times
>smaller that left untouched.

In Japanese the size of translation documents under textdocs,
manpages, yodldocs and htmldocs(except Using Samba) is about 500KB in
tar+gz form.
and the size of Using Samba translation is 1.2MB in tar+gz form.

If you get Samba Japanese Edition archive, please check the size of

>What about DocBook sources ? Native versions could be in
>native packages ( Ordinary users
>don't usually need DocBook sources, eitherway. 

Yes, as I said

>   2) we only determine the final output format (may be
>     html/man/txt/SWAT only?) and directory structure because there is
>     no tools adapted for all languages.

I think only documents of final output format is needed to make an

>I'm currently working on this. Should I wait a while, yet?

At first please look at source/scripts/install*.sh in Samba Japanese
Edition. But it is not yet refined.
Basically we can work at the same time.

>Can you explain the difference between these two, Monyo ?
>Now, from my point of view, the latter is logical
>consequence of the former. First you choose what languages
>are you going to use (the former) and then, the script puts
>what you've chosen into something like bash list and
>installs it in the loop (like you show in the latter case).

Sorry for my poor English,
the former is to specify what language to install with the configure
parameter, the latter is to specify what language to install
automatically if the directory exists or not.

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