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thank you for your answers.

I see that samba is caching the printer queue information.
But it seem difficult to me, to find the right lpq cache time parameter
(thank you Jeremy for this hint).
If it is to short (5s), samba asks for printerinformation eyery time i
open a printer dialog box (even form a aplication).
If it is to long (60s), updates in the printer queue are not shown.

How does NT manage to update the queue information?
Does the client ask the server in regular intervals or does the Server
brodacast a change in the queue?
(Maybe a silly question, I don't know much about NT internals).
I see that the advantage of this implementation is, that we can watch
the unix queue to.
(Which is not possible in pcnetlink)

We are using cups as the printer backend.

I have recognized, that cups lpstat -o is showing Printer Information
much faster then lpq -P (with cups as printing system).
But if I am using printing=cups the wrong queue information is shown.

lpq -Php5000c  gives the right info (smb.conf printing = BSD)
hp5000c is not ready
Rank    Owner   Job     File(s)                         Total Size
1st     maurer  193     smbprn.000092.IFaa9j            38912 bytes

lpstat -ohp5000c (smb.conf printing = cups)
hp5000c-193             maurer           38912   Thu Aug 02 08:39:35

Thu Aug 02 as document name
and  8 bytes as size

lpq shows with printing =bsd the right windows document name (not just
smbprn.xy) , which is great.

Another big problem are the printer device settings and the document
I can set them as printer admin.
If a watch them as normall user, they are sometimes right and sometimes
the settings dissappear.
If I move the printer from the server to the client I loose sometimes
the information.

Where is the information about device settings and document defaults
Is it a NT-client caching problem (infomation abount printers stired in
user profiles?)?

We have a samba - cups Server installed parallel to our PCnetlink-lp
systems, which I can use for testing.
If I can help solving this problem with testing and submitting debug
information, just let me know, what I can do.

Thanks alot.




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