Modification of ACL using NT breaks default ACL on Solaris

Olaf Frączyk olaf at
Thu Apr 26 18:14:24 GMT 2001

On 2001.04.26 17:42:50 +0200 Olaf Frączyk wrote:
> I have made a patch for posix_acls.c
> It is against source file form samba 2.2.0.
> It solves the above problem for me.
Found a small problem:
default acls for all acls which are not mapped to standard unix entries
(owner,group,other) are applied correctly.
But for the above three when creating directory/file, are applied rights
from 'create mode' parameter in smb.conf.
But, now I have not enough time to find how it works, so I leave this as is
for now.



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