Modification of ACL using NT breaks default ACL on Solaris

Olaf Fr±czyk olaf at
Thu Apr 26 15:42:50 GMT 2001

On 2001.04.24 09:17:18 +0200 Johannes Tyve wrote:
> I have a directory on my Solaris 2.6 fileserver that has default acl:s.
> Se below.
> (...)
> As you se. The default ACL for user ronnie is removed. Bug?
> Regards,
> Johannes

I have made a patch for posix_acls.c
It is against source file form samba 2.2.0.
It solves the above problem for me.
Additionally, with this patch, when you remove all rights for everyone, or
for group, then other users/groups are not affected. This was why I started
to change the code ;)
This patch also contains patch from John Trostel to make possible change
permissions if your system has both ACL supported partitions and not (I
have xfs and ext2).
This is working for me fine. I can't tell that it doesn't break anything
else, I'm not familiar with samba code.


Olaf Fraczyk, <olaf at>
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