Modification of ACL using NT breaks default ACL on Solaris

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Apr 25 20:29:44 GMT 2001

Joe Doran wrote:
> Q: if the smb.conf file is set to force permissions on files/directories should these
> directories not be enforced in the nt acls? or at least only changable by admin users.

This is not being done at the moment. I'm fixing this for 2.2.1.

> One other noted prob with printers. When no printer type is specified in
> printer declaration, workstation is saying cant find driver for 'unknown printer'.
> It then attempts to find a driver for '.inf'. However if I specify driver of HP
> LaserJet 4, it attempts to find driver for HP4 correctly. Should there be a default
> driver in the event of one not being declared in smb.conf.

No. Picking the wrong default is a worse problem than there
not being one.



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