Modification of ACL using NT breaks default ACL on Solaris

Joe Doran joed at
Wed Apr 25 23:29:42 GMT 2001

Jeremy Allison wrote:

>> One other noted prob with printers. When no printer type is specified in
>> printer declaration, workstation is saying cant find driver for 'unknown printer'.
>> It then attempts to find a driver for '.inf'. However if I specify driver of HP
>> LaserJet 4, it attempts to find driver for HP4 correctly. Should there be a default
>> driver in the event of one not being declared in smb.conf.
> No. Picking the wrong default is a worse problem than there
> not being one.

This could prove interesting to end users as some may not be able to 
install printer for want of breaking out of driver search. IOW if the 
admin does not specify a printer type in the conf the end user will not 
be able to install the driver even if they now what the printer is. All 
they can do is exit the printer setup. Possibly a warning during parse 
of smb.conf in log.smbd to the fact no driver specified?


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