Modification of ACL using NT breaks default ACL on Solaris

Joe Doran joed at
Wed Apr 25 22:21:23 GMT 2001

>$$ Didn't touch anything, just click 'OK' Button
>$$ Now I open permissions in WinNT again and see:
>Everyone (RWX)(O)
>olaf (RWX)(RWX)
>olaf (RWX) (RW)
>qba (RWX)*(Not defined)
>("Not defined" is translated from polish language)
>$$ in linux I see:
>[root at venus <mailto:root at venus> sda2]# chacl -l test
>test [o::rwx,g::rwx,g:qba:rwx,u::rwx,m::rwx/o::---,g::rw-,u::rwx,m::rwx]
>[root at venus <mailto:root at venus> sda2]# 

>$$ So, disapeared:
>default permissions for qba group, permissions for other are cleared, and
>execute permission for group is cleared.

I have too seen weird problems on a linux box with 2.2 official release.
Dont have box too hand but smb.conf has force directory and file creation to 0777 also. 
When I open security tab on an NT4 box and change permissions from rwx on either group or user line and exit and back in again I am seeing weird effects. On clearing say all r and w and x permissions exit nt permissions form and go back in again permissions are r and x no write. So, I clear r permission and exit, voila write permissions are back again.

I have taken 2.2 official release, compiled with default options. I am running a test box with redhat 6.2 with ext2 using nt4 workstation sp6a.

I can put up a debug and copy of conf tomorrow when in office if its useful.

Q: if the smb.conf file is set to force permissions on files/directories should these directories not be enforced in the nt acls? or at least only changable by admin users.

One other noted prob with printers. When no printer type is specified in printer declaration, workstation is saying cant find driver for 'unknown printer'. It then attempts to find a driver for '.inf'. However if I specify driver of HP LaserJet 4, it attempts to find driver for HP4 correctly. Should there be a default driver in the event of one not being declared in smb.conf.


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