dos archive bit emulation

John E. Malmberg malmberg at
Wed Apr 25 21:17:22 GMT 2001

Dos archive bit emulation is "sort of" implemented in the SAMBA 2.0.6 for
OpenVMS release.

For the OpenVMS release, it always reflects the recorded backup state of
the file, and it can not be cleared by a SAMBA client.

It does not matter if a native program or a network program modifies the

It works this way because OpenVMS maintains a backup date as a file
attribute.  I could have implemented it so that a SAMBA client could clear
the archive bit, but that is normally not done, and the API is not a
simple one to use.

I never considered that someone might want to use a SAMBA client to do a
recorded backup of OpenVMS files.

In the UNIX world, there does not appear to be a consistent method that
can used to determine if a file has been backed up, and for the methods 
that I am aware of, it may be difficult to allow a SAMBA client to tamper
with that setting.

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