Default page size (was 2.2 release imminent)

Damian Ivereigh damian at
Fri Apr 20 07:08:36 GMT 2001

Damian Ivereigh wrote:

> > > Damian, Could you try to reproduce this on NT 4?  I'll try
> > > when I get back to the office.
> I will attempt to do this tomorrow.
> > Yes, this sounds familiar like the W2K issue. If it is
> > you're correct, I bet it won't be reproducible on NT4.
> >
> > I may have to revisit the initial device mode set from W2k....
> I'll get back to you...

Well I tried to reproduce it with the latest release (2.2.0) and I
can't reproduce it. So either you guys have already fixed it there is
some wierd crud I am doing with the link into CEPS.

So for the moment, just ignore it.

Damian Ivereigh
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