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Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Wed Sep 27 05:59:55 GMT 2000


At 02:44 PM 9/27/00 +0200, Jelmer Feenstra wrote:
>I've recently been busy trying to find out what the best way of implementing 
>the smb protocol for a certain application would be (client side only). 
>Libsmb++ (written by Nicolas Brodu) seemed very nice at first, however it is 
>buggy using it's native code, and doesn't work ok linking with samba-tng 
>libraries either.
>Besides the fact that I need some sort of smb client implementation for 
>something I want to write myself, it would also be nice to give the kde2
>an idea of what would be the best approach for implementing smb in their 
>filemanager : konqueror (considering they're using libsmb++ at the moment).
>The code in samba-2.0.7 present in the libsmb dir can be used for this,
but I 
>was wondering if this is the way to go. Samba-tng has a different libsmb 
>(which actually compiles to a .so) but this implementation seems unfinished 
>to me, it has problems dealing with NT5/WIN2000 systems. I also read that
>samba-tng is just a reference implementation, and that using the library for 
>your own purposes wouldn't be very clever :(
>So my question : What's the best way to go when trying to implement smb 
>(clientside) ? What are you guys up to with future releases of samba (I've 
>checked some mailinglists, sorry if I missed crucial information) ?
>Thanks in advance,
>Jelmer Feenstra
>PS I believe I found some old code (1996) by Andrew Trigell (I think) which 
>was aiming into the direction of building a library for this purpose ?

Back in 1996 I started a library called SMBlib ... It has been used by a
number of other projects now, and I have not kept up with it ... 

Perhaps it is time to look at this issue again.

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