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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Sep 13 21:16:15 GMT 2000

> The next step is for me to write a little program that I'll probably
> call smbcontrol. It will have commands like:
>      smbcontrol nmbd force-election
>      smbcontrol smbd set-debug 7
>      smbcontrol smbd/3267 set-debug 9

It would be nice if this could also be a command-line deal, eg.:

$ smbdc
> nmbd force-election
> smbd list pids
   smbd  user    OtherInfo
    666  jra     Tree id?
   3267  tridge  How 'bout share name?
  10973  crh     Perhaps some statistics?
> exit

That sort of thing.  I'm finishing up my contract stint, so a little time
will be freed up.  I have a backlog to catch up on, but I want to finish
the WINS failover (need Jeremy to okay a few things first).  After that--
though probably not for the next release--I've got: 

- implement the RFC behavior for group names (there was a patch, and we 
  talked about this at CIFS2000--I'll return the broadcast as the first 
  list entry as is currently done).
- Consider the multi-WINS-membership requests that came in (with heat and 
- Get back into jCIFS some more.
- Work on more documentation.

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