2.2 wishlist (was: new messaging system)

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at xavier.sa.edu.au
Wed Sep 13 12:52:46 GMT 2000

Quoting Neil Hoggarth <neil.hoggarth at physiol.ox.ac.uk>:
> If there is then it is pretty well hidden. :-)


There was actually a document (possibly on the Samba site) by someone like Andrew Tridgell or
Jeremy Allison that set out this kind of stuff, but last I checked (it'd be months now), it was
a little out of date. There's also a fair number of people working on a fair number of things
(a lot of it undocumented ;-)), so it would probably be hard to compile a document that
contained the status and direction of everything.

> I appreciate that "the team" are very busy people, but I can't help
> feeling that channels of communication between the core developers and
> the user population haven't been very effective, recently.

They do spend an awful lot of time posting messages to these lists. Perhaps the Samba Kernel
Cousins would be a good source of info for this kind of thing. They generally go quite in depth
into the important stuff.

> I
> wouldn't claim to be an ace developer, but I can read/debug C, I am a
> sysadmin with five or six years Samba experience and I'm really keen to
> help out, if there is *anything* I can do ...

Same. I am not really much of a developer, but when time permits, I try to help with
documentation. As with us all, I don't have a great deal of time (stupid full-time jobs ;-)).


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