Adding ACL support for AIX

Michael E Osborne mosborne at
Tue Oct 17 23:26:26 GMT 2000

This would be absolutely great! We've been running Samba under AIX for
several years now and it's been wonderfully rock solid. A good match for
AIX. :-)

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Tim Potter <tpot at> on 10/17/2000 12:54:02 PM

To:   Medha Date <mdate at>
cc:   samba-technical at (bcc: Michael E Osborne/JACADS/REC)
Subject:  Re: Adding ACL support for AIX

Medha Date writes:

> Scott Prather and I are part of AIX development at IBM.  We'd like to
> add JFS ACL (extended permissions) support to samba.  We'd like to add it
> the samba 2.2 release, if possible.  Which source files contain the
> current ACL support?  In development.html, there is mention of a
> pluggable backend for ACL support.  Is there any sort of spec for this?

I don't believe there is a spec for this yet, but it will
probably be functionally similar to the ACL functions in the
vfs_ops structure in include/vfs.h.  Pluggable backends may even
end up being VFS modules.

> We are going to set up a test environment for samba on AIX and will be
> to test our changes there, among other things, pretty thoroughly there.
> However, we will need help testing to make sure we haven't impacted
> other platforms.

Marc Jacobsen <Marc_Jacobsen at> gives a bit of a technical
overview of the ACL code.  Check the mailing list archives at:



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