Adding ACL support for AIX

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Oct 19 04:39:20 GMT 2000

[Medha Date <mdate at>]
> Scott Prather and I are part of AIX development at IBM.  We'd like to
> add JFS ACL (extended permissions) support to samba.  We'd like to
> add it to the samba 2.2 release, if possible.

Hey, while you're at it, could you or someone at IBM add support for
SRC sockets or message queues?  That's one of those things I've thought
about in the past but never did because it's not strictly necessary.

Samba, as distributed, cannot use the SRC at all, which is a shame.
My explanation and *very* trivial patch live in

but I only use the signals method.  The two non-signals methods have
the advantage of allowing the 'refresh' command to work.

Running Samba on an F50 and an aging 590,

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