PDC features II [was Re: PDC acceptance criteria]

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Wed Oct 4 04:01:42 GMT 2000

I rather like Kevin's breakdown and 
so will build upon this.

Kevin Colby wrote:
> The first level is the minimum needed, even by 
> the brave of heart. The second is really 
> also required for general consumption, but 
> may not be needed by everyone.  The third is 
> for features that really only help administrators, 
> not users, and the fourth is for quite site-specific 
> demands.

I think that these are good initial grouping 
of functionality, but not necessarily in the order in
which things need to be released.

Level 1:
> Domain controlling _minimum_ requirements:
>  - Support for Domain logons by Windows NT 4.0 SP3+ clients
>  - Support for Domain logons by Windows 2000 clients (legacy)
>  - Proper user and group mapping between NT users/groups
>        and UNIX users/groups.  This included enumeration 
>        functions

	This is a given I think.  Bare minimum.
	However, given the past conversations today
	I am a little more prone to add PDC<->BDC
	replication with and NT DC in with this as well.  

	Here is my reasoning:  People who wish to 
	replace NT DC's will do it one by one.  This 
	also handles the migration from an NT PDC to a 
	Samba PDC (which is a necessary feature).
	Simply setup Samba as a BDC, grab the SAM and 
	domain SID, halt the NT PDC, and promote the 
	Samba BDC.

Level 2:
> Robust, "production" domain controlling requirements:
>  - Support for initiating Trust relationships  [full domain]
>  - fault tolerance features

Level 3:
> NT migration features:
>  - Working support for User Manager and Server Manager

I think JF is close to this now (add/delete/modify)

>  - Domain controller transfer (with fixed RIDs?)

This will be handled by PDC<->BDC replication 
functionality (see above comments).

> Specific client software features:
>  - Extended "Exchange" requirements

So here is the basic idea...


  First release of an official Samba PDC must include
  the following features:

  o Support for Domain logons from Windows NT 
    4.0 SP3+ clients
  o Support for domain logons from Windows 2000 
    clients in legacy mode
  o Support for user/group mapping and enumeration 
  o Support for interaction with the Windows NT 4.0
    SAM replication protocol.

  Trust relationships will be included in a later cut.



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