PDC acceptance criteria

Kevin Colby kevinc at grainsystems.com
Tue Oct 3 19:47:30 GMT 2000

Well, I came up with a few distinct groupings.

The first level is the minimum needed, even by the brave of heart.
The second is really also required for general consumption, but
may not be needed by everyone.  The third is for features that
really only help administrators, not users, and the fourth is for
quite site-specific demands.

Domain controlling _minimum_ requirements:
 - Support for Domain logons by Windows NT 4.0 SP3+ clients
 - Support for Domain logons by Windows 2000 clients (legacy)
 - Proper user and group mapping between NT users/groups
       and UNIX users/groups.  This included enumeration functions

Robust, "production" domain controlling requirements:
 - Support for initiating Trust relationships  [full domain]
 - PDC <-> BDC replication  [With native NT, both as BDC and as PDC.]
 - fault tolerance features

NT migration features:
 - Working support for User Manager and Server Manager
 - Domain controller transfer (with fixed RIDs?)

Specific client software features:
 - Extended "Exchange" requirements

Did I miss anything?

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc at grainsystems.com

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