Recycle-Bin/Trash-Can option?

Lawrence Hovind lhovind at
Mon Oct 2 04:53:17 GMT 2000

I've recently had a need to use a Trash-Can feature. ( A terminated
employee deleted a dozen files on their way out the door. Backups took
care of most of the problem, but I still see a long range need.)

Is there a feature, I can't find, that when a user on a Wins station
deletes a file, the file is moved to a "trash" directory where the admin
can restore it if necessary?

If not, I'll proceed on adding this to the code. From what I can tell so
far, I need to augment the "dos_unlink()" call in "doscalls.c" in the
"lib" directory. My basic approach is to replace the "unlink()" call
with a call that moves the file into a directory tree, under the share,
that would probably be called "trash". Then on a routine basis, run a
script that actually deletes "trash".

I'd appreciate any pointers to other parts of the code that need to be
changed. I'm only attempting to cover files and/or directories of
shares. I currently have no interest in spooling files, logs, pids or
other administrative stuff.

If someone is already working on this, please point me in that

Thanks in advance.


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