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Tue Oct 3 13:29:20 GMT 2000

David Flynn wrote:
> > If you are talk structly about SMB functions (which you would
> > also need for MS-RPC), you could examine the previously referred
> > to libsmb/ directory of the samba source.  It needs some
> > cleaning up in order to provide for a separate library.  There
> > are a lot of dependencies there that get linked in.
> in essence are you surgesting alot of copy / pasting to 
> create a new independant library, or to create wrappers 
> that use existing libraries ?
> hmmm

Depends on which is easier.  A clean approach would probably
result in better and tighter code.  That's up to you.  Depends
on how much time you have. ;)

> require things such as user enumeration from the PDC, 

You should probably look at the winbind code in HEAD/TNG
(don't remember where it is right now).

> finding who is loged on a win9x workstation (an ugly 
> hack using nmb -- i whish i knew a better solution), 
> and the such ... our future plans are to provide most of the
> network configuration options (user configs + a "topic" 
> managment system) to run over the network, which would 
> need to modify user's groups ...  and we do this for the 
> fun of it all !!!

Sounds like fun :-)    Good luck.

Cheers, jerry
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