Samba 2.2.0alpha1 snapshot released

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Nov 27 20:09:26 GMT 2000

Jason Haar wrote:

> Found the problem. I didn't know you had to REJOIN THE DOMAIN!!!!! :-)
> i.e. the DOMAIN.mac file generated within Samba 2.0 series for domain
> members isn't used by 2.2. In fact there were a few debug lines of the form
> "not found" (with no filename) - perhaps they are broken debugs referring to
> the fact that secrets.tdb/etc weren't found? If not, there probably should
> be such debug calls anyway.
> I couldn't find anything about rejoining the domain being required
> documented anywhere, so perhaps that fact should be emphasized so that
> others (besides me) don't make the same mistake?

Oh that sucks. I need to fix that. The intent is that it
will read the DOMAIN.mac file and use it in preference if
it exists.

Thanks for the info.


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