Large Files and Samba on Linux

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Nov 20 20:40:54 GMT 2000

Anders Knudsen wrote:
> >
> >glibc has LFS - but the x86 2.2 kernel does not. We
> >need to wait until 2.4 when the x86 2.2 kernel will allow
> ><2Gb files.
> My understanding is that you *can* build a 2.2 kernel with >2Gb support -- LFS.
> See:
> So, if I can build 2.2 kernel with LFS, and have a glibc that's "stable"
> with LFS, then it
> should be conceivable to build Samba with LFS support.
> Or am I missing other details here?

Yes, if you apply all these patch then it should work.
But if you're applying all these patches to the kernel,
then you shouldn't have any problems in patching the
Samba configure to remove the LFS fail on Linux :-).


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a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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