Large Files and Samba on Linux

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Nov 20 20:15:09 GMT 2000

Anders Knudsen wrote:
> What is the status of LFS for Samba running on Linux? I am currently
> running 2.0.7 on Linux. Looking at the source, I see that Samba code does
> have LFS in there. However, when compiling on linux, the "configure" script
> does not have provisions for LFS on linux platform, in that it "disables"
> LFS for a uname of "linux".
> I know glibc2.1 *has* LFS in there, so is there some other underlying
> problems with regard to making Samba LFS capable under Linux glibc2.1 + ?
> My question is of-course based upon need. That is, I need to get Samba
> working with LFS on Linux x86, if it's at all possible at this time. If
> not, are there future plans? I did not see any mention in road-map.
> Thanks for your time, and feel free to email directly if this is better
> discussed off-list.

glibc has LFS - but the x86 2.2 kernel does not. We
need to wait until 2.4 when the x86 2.2 kernel will allow
<2Gb files.

Versions of glibc on older kernels do things like drop
the top 33 bits of fcntl byte range locks and other


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