Large Files and Samba on Linux

Anders Knudsen anders.knudsen at
Mon Nov 20 22:10:32 GMT 2000

>Yes, if you apply all these patch then it should work.
>But if you're applying all these patches to the kernel,
>then you shouldn't have any problems in patching the
>Samba configure to remove the LFS fail on Linux :-).

Hehe! OK, you probably got me there. I was thinking or
rather hoping that someone else in the world had needed
 >2Gb support from Samba, and had been through this
before on an x86 linux setup
...short question should have been "TELL ME
WHAT TO DO"...  ;-)
I will give it a shot following what defines, etc. the configure
script creates for LFS "supported" platforms, ie solaris
and make that happen with linux.
Worst thing that could happen is smoke starts escaping from
the Pentium once it has to deal with >2Gb files. ;-)


>Buying an operating system without source is like buying
>a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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