Word 2000 deletes files on save

Daniël Mantione daniel at deadlock.et.tudelft.nl
Fri Nov 3 10:15:19 GMT 2000


I'm having a very strange problem. It occurs as follows:

- There is a Word document on a Samba server.
- This file is owned by user1.
- User2 has write permission on this file.
- User2 opens the file in Word 2000 on an windows machine.
- He modifies the document.
- He saves it.
- An error message occurs, it says that the disk is full.
- An 'save as' window opens. When you click on cancel, the original
  document is DELETED.
- Some *.tmp remain in the directory.

A work around for this problem is "force user" and then make all files
owned by this user.

The article Q163699 in the Micro$oft knowledge base
(support.microsoft.com/support) is very interresting, it describes the
same situation, but on a Novell server.

The problem does not seem to occur on Word 97.

Since I am not subscribed to this mailinglist, could you please reply also
to my email address.


Daniël Mantione

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