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Tue Mar 7 16:02:28 GMT 2000

On Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 11:15:34AM +1100, Peter Samuelson wrote:
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> > I've spoken with someone here about shared library support on AIX. He
> > suggested > AIX 4.2.1 should now treat shared libraries much like
> > Solaris.  I'll post his recomendations later.
> Please do!  Inquiring minds, and all that.
> As far as I can tell, if you want shared libraries to behave like an
> ELF system (Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, IRIX, Tru64, etc, basically most
> or all of your competitors), you have to (compile?) and link everything
> with `cc -brtl' or some such.  And you have to build your DSO with a
> similar flag.  And even so, I've had *very* mixed luck trying to get
> one shared library built that imports symbols from another shared
> library at runtime.  The binder (what most of us call "linker") seems
> to want to pull in all the symbols statically at link time, so that,
> for example, `libgtk' contains all of `libgdk' which contains all of
> `libglib', yielding a huge `libgtk'.

No, it doesn't need to be huge. (for me it's huge, cause I
have all the debugging in it.) more later.

> If you're doing any of this with gcc, like I do, you can probably
> automate the weird flags by editing your specs file.  Unfortunately I
> have not yet come upon the winning combination; to me it's still black
> magic.
> I finally found `makeC++SharedLib' from xlC.C++.  It's a shell script,
> and I'm currently taking it apart to see what it does differently....

I mostly build normal libraries and later convert them with
a special shell-script to shared libraries. In the case of
libgtk, I tell the new libgtk that it depends on the shared
libgdk, so it will load that automatically too. (ELF also
supports libraries depending on other libraries.) What
realy is a problem, is libraries with unresolved symbols,
they realy _don't_ work (at least for me).

So I wasn't yet able to link any library, that needed
symbols from the main program. (is this called

If you like, I can post (or send by personal mail, as you
like) my shell-script and some short instructions.

> > Do you know of any other issues concerning running Samba on AIX? (Anyone?)
> We've been running 1.9.18 and 2.0 as a fileserver in `security=domain'
> mode on AIX (4.1.5, 4.3.1) for ages.  There was an oplock bug in
> 1.9.18pX that caused an occasional smbd lockup, but since then, no
> problems.

I've 2.0.x on 4.2.1 and it works quite well. (I'm currently
trying to get it to have multiple names in multiple
domains... and failing a bit...)

> I made a simple source modification to allow smbd and nmbd to run as
> SRC subsystems -- basically a "standalone mode but do not fork" flag.
> (I'm getting good at these, having done the same to sshd and apache.)
> Let me know if you want details and the patch.

I don't realy use SRC for anything as the AIX-thingies, but
I think, it would be a nice thing, if you could also
provide nice shell-scripts, that add the appropiate entries
for SRC. (I can't speak for the HEAD/3.0-maintainers, but I
would like it, if it would be easy to setup.)

> Peter


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