[PAM-NTDOM] using pam_ntdom for ftp authentication

Tim Potter tpot at linuxcare.com.au
Thu Jun 15 23:45:24 GMT 2000

Soren Dayton writes:

> > [Tim Potter <tpot at linuxcare.com.au>]
> > > There's also the issue of the pam_ntdom module being GPL which means
> > > that technically any program linking (i.e actually using it) also
> > > needs to be GPL.  )-:
> > 
> > Hmmm.  Subtle.
> And I think, maybe incorrect.  I believe that the issue is that if a
> piece of software is written to use a GPLed API or an API that is
> only implemented by GPLed software, THEN the software must be GPLed.

The API is not GPL - I don't believe you can copyright an API
(material for another argument perhaps).  It is the pam_ntdom
module that is GPL.  And it is the linking of this with glibc
(LGPL) and PAM (BSD/GPL) that causes the licensing conflict.

Oh yeah, and as another poster pointed out the conflict is only
actually realised when you distribute the result.

> But PAM is (1) a standard and (2) implemented in multiple places.

You can always implement your own version of pam_ntdom and give
it whatever license you like (as long as it is compatible with
the PAM license).

> For an example, not the software that uses editline or readline (which
> share a base API)

You're still confusing the API with the library itself.  Readline
is an interesting example as it is a library that has a GPL
license not a LGPL one.  If I create any software that uses
readline, then that software must be GPL.



> Soren

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