[PAM-NTDOM] using pam_ntdom for ftp authentication

Soren Dayton dayton at overx.com
Thu Jun 15 23:56:14 GMT 2000

Tim Potter <tpot at linuxcare.com.au> writes:

> You're still confusing the API with the library itself.  Readline
> is an interesting example as it is a library that has a GPL
> license not a LGPL one.  If I create any software that uses
> readline, then that software must be GPL.


The key fact is distribution.  I can distribute a piece of software
that can be compiled to link to readline that is NOT GPLed because
there is another piece of software that shares the API.  I do believe
that things that link only to libraries that are GPLed cannot have
this property.

I could be wrong here, but I believe that this is one of the
significant distinctions.


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