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> If the samba box on the local subnet wins the domain master browser
> election, all clients on the local subnet do browse list queries to this
> machine, no?
yes, if all maschines are configured the same way.
no, if you have a mixture of broadcast- and wins-configured nodes.
and no, the clients will contact the local master browser - not the domain
master browser

> from smb.conf(5)
> "remote browse sync (G) 
> This option allows you to setup nmbd to periodically request
> synchronization of browse lists with the master browser of a samba server
> that is on a remote segment. This option will allow you to gain browse
> lists for multiple workgroups across routed networks. This is done in a
> manner that does not work with any non-samba servers"
> And as far as i can tell, there is no option that allows this behaviour to
> occur with windows NT domain master browser on a remote subnet.  Please
> explain how you think this occurs if you still think this works...
> I was under the impression that WINS doesn't store browse lists, only a
> mapping between name and IP...  The master browser for a subnet is the
> machine that serves browse lists.  And this is generated by listening to
> broadcast requests.  Syncing with remote browse sync (as above) works only
> with another samba domain master browser.
Yes: "remote browse sync" works between samba servers, not with NT
No: wins stores some more information about the registered nodes (MSKB
the following are the items regarding browsing:
0x1b domain master browser
0x1c domain controler
0x1d local master browser
0x1e potential master browser

> If your 'impression' is still such that I am wrong, please explain with a
> little more detail how one would go about achieving browse list
> replication between domains across subnet boundaries.
Because you can register these entries manually in your wins server(s),
there is a possibility to point
your nodes (including your master browsers) towards the master browsers of a
different - maybe non-local - domain.
This works also when using a local LMHOSTS:	winnt	#DOM:WINNTDOM	"WINNTDOM   \0x1b"

Note: This works with NT - i don´t know, if this works with samba - we use
samba only as domain member servers.

> Thanks,
> Ben.

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